Van Crest Animal Hospital is pleased to offer the following services in our West Columbia Veterinary Clinic:

  • Outpatient services such as healthy pet examinations and vaccinations
  • Internal medicine and hospitalization
  • In house diagnostics
  • Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Dental services including Dental Radiology
  • Bathing, nail trims, anal gland expression
  • Boarding
  • Full in house pharmacy
  • Nutrition – full line of both veterinary and maintenance diets
  • Retail line of many popular non prescription animal health products.

Van Crest is happy to offer an online veterinary pharmacy for your convenience. In using our pharmacy you can be guaranteed that the prices will be low, and that all guarantees will be in effect.

We offer most prescription products available, including flea and heartworm preventions, unless they are sold at our hospital. If you need something we sell at our hospital, please use the contact us feature on this website and send us a quick email. We will respond and can either have your prescription ready for pickup or send it to your home at no charge!

All prescriptions will be approved right here at Van Crest within 24 hours and shipped directly to you at your home.